Herbal Bath Salts

Eight times out of ten I choose a shower over a bath – it uses less water, it’s more invigorating, and I won’t wallow in it until the water gets cold and end up adding even more hot water. But when I do bath, it has to be quite epic. There will be bubbles, candlelight, a facemask, either a glass of wine or a herbal infusion, and a magazine of course.

Since reading through a book on making your own natural beauty products at home that I borrowed from a mate, I’ve been trying out various little recipes and things and been extremely impressed with the results. Having recently been on a detox I thought why not complement the clean eating with a detoxifying and pampering bath powder? I mixed together equal parts of Epsom salts and baking soda. Then came the fun bit – I put fresh rosemary and melissa (lemon balm) into the milling attachment of my beloved Nutribullet, along with a handful of dried camomile flowers. Would it work, I wondered? Ten seconds later I was rewarded with an amazing wafting, aromatic green powder. You could also probably do the whole mixture in a regular food processor – it just wouldn’t break down as much. After I was done getting high on the fumes, I added it to the salt mix and put in a few drops of essential oil: lavender, patchouli, juniper and bergamot. Sooo divine you’ll have a hard time getting your nose out of the jar!




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